Kitchen countertops

What is the best choice for my kitchen countertop?

Do you want to get a new kitchen countertop installed? The final closure of a bespoke kitchen in the end is the kitchen countertop. It is the most visible and often most spectacular part of the new kitchen. Often made in natural stone, marble or granite this is the part of the work that gives a unique and natural effect. The cold touch and the unique structure of the stone are very special. Even a bizarre color or structure can easily be combined with quiet and calm colors. Here in Amsterdam there are a lot of old and classic buildings that originally have a lot of marble and granito in their house. In those houses it is nice to continue with nice natural stone.

Also for modern kitchen all options are open. There are beautiful colors available on the market with great choice of engineered stones. For example Silestone or DEKTON have great and original color and structures. MyHouse Kitchens in Amsterdam delivers all kind of stones and does the full delivery and installation.

Terrazzo countertop

Only a worksheet?

What if you only want to order or replace the worktop without a new kitchen? That is of course possible. Ask for the possibilities. Everything is measured by means of a template. In our showroom we have all samples in stock:

Composite, Silestone, Marble and Granite.

Counters and countertops for your kitchen can be found in all sorts and colors. The last years the supply and amount of choices only have grown bigger. Sometimes confusing for clients. Your fitted kitchen to size needs a great and nice countertop. At MyHouse we have a great choice in available countertops.

Our service around the countertops is inclusive measuring a template before delivery. Only in this way we can ensure that the top is perfectly fitted. This can only be done after the base kitchen stands. Also if you would only like to purchase a countertop we always make a template upfront. The tops are fitted on site, that can quite a challenge in Amsterdam with all the moving lifts. All cut outs for the appliances like sink and cooking plate are taken care off.

In our showroom here in Amsterdam we have many samples from different stones and brands and suppliers. It is important to give a small explanation about the different materials:

There is a difference between natural stones like marble and granite en composites that are often called engineered stones. The latter is an industrially produced synthetic stone. Natural stones are cut out from one piece of rock and have each a unique composition and natural outlook. The engineered stones are made from different materials, the parts are heated and pressed in special machines.

The advantage is that they are quite resistant and the colors and patterns can be predefines and designes. Therefore it is easies to market those countertops.

Hereafter we go in depth on the different stones.

Granite is a natural stone. Granite is actually an igneous rock made up from 3 minerals of which quartz is one of them. After breaking out the stone the granite is sawn and polished. The good characteristics of granite are the outlook and gorgeous natural colors. Granite is a bit more poreus then other stones and needs to be treated and polished very well and needs to be finished with a good sealer. Especially the mat versions are more stain sensitive.

There are 3 versions in the finishing of granite: polished, matted and burned. The last one has a rough surface. The polished versions give the most protection. There are many granites in dark colors like Impala, Galaxy or Black or Blue Pearl. Don’t forget that granite has many tones also in red or blue and green.

White versions like Kashmire Grey are also very beautiful.

Marble is a limestone with a very nice and sensitive light structure in it. The counters have a very nice nerve structure. It is a very natural material but also poreus and stain sensitive. Many would say marble is not a perfect fit in the kitchen but the last years marble has returned in the kitchen outlook, designs and fashion. There is a high demand for marble countertops. Together also the supply of imitation marble has increased.

Marble is simply beautiful and has may nice and gorgeous colors in white, pink, yellow and green. We do advice to think about your choice for the countertop, a kitchen is a practical spaces where you work with acids, alcohol and sauces. They can easily stain the marble.

Many nice stones are found in Italy, Croatia and Greece. We have the following marbles in our assortment: calacatta, vagli, carrara, negro marquina, rosa levante, rojo corralito and syvec amongst others. We invite you in our showroom to take a look.

The most used and most delivered stones are the engineered stones like composite. Like mentioned this is a synthetic stone made from quartz, mixed with pigments, granite grains and a binder. Factories and brands have invested a lot in the developments of their materials. The assortment of all colors and patterns has improved. There are real and good marble and natural stone imitations for example. The choices in colors and patterns are endless. The good thing about engineered stones is that they are very practical, very heat and stain resistant and generally low maintenance. In usage and practicality the stones are perfect.

There are many brands and suppliers, their main difference the assortment and the service and guarantees. For example Cosentino Silestone gives 20 years warrantee on thier boards. Other brands are Santa Margarita, Ceasarstone en Diresco.

Next to all mentioned stones we have very good supply of different countertops and materials. Those other choices are often very original and beautiful. The following materials are popular:

Terrazzo – in the early days in Amsterdam and Holland hallway floors and kitchens had this material as their base. We still supply nice countertops in Terrazzo. We have a great assortment at MyHouse Kitchens. Terrazzo is a mix of marble grains and cement. The disadvantage is that it is a bit weak and can break off easy. Besides it difficult to seal off. The advantage is their original color mixes and settings with big chunks of marble pieces.

Ceramic countertops – Those tops are truly stain resistant and heat resistant. They are amongst the best tops in usage. Ceramic plates are made from heated and pressed quartz, pigments, glass and porcelain. They give a very different outlook then composites and granites. Their big advantage the heat resistance and scratch resistance. Myhouse Kitchens delivers DEKTON and Technistone. DEKTON is a specially patented stone from Cosentino.

Besides those choices we have endless supply of other materials like concrete or Belgian Limestone as an example.