maatwerk keukens

Modern kitchen in Black

Ijburg, Amsterdam

Design kitchen in black in Amsterdam. This is one of our favourites. This because the arhcitects kept all designs together, so the house was designed under modern architecture in IJburg, Amsterdam and all interior items were designed in one style and color. That is why everything combines and contrasts perfectly. The black color is a statement and here contrasts great with the grey concrete flooring. In line with the big windows this was a great color setting.

The kitchen fronts are made in oak veneer with a black custom mixed oil. So we still see the nerves of the oak. The island is the central point in this area of the house. The WAVE exhaust is a ceiling model that can be placed very high above the island. The hole for the exhaust is cut out already from the concrete plates in the building process. It is hardly visible. Also the cooking plate is flushed with the black DEKTON kitchen top.

In the island we have the only deviating color element. This is the solid oak part of the bar, it is oiled in a light oil color from Monocoat. Also in the open part of the island we have a warmer color element as there books can be placed. This subtle switch between modern and warmer elements was necessary to give the model a warmer outlook. The appliances are consequently chosen in black. The result is a beautiful designed modern and contemporary kitchen. The design is symmetric, modern but still warm.