White kitchen tiles

Custom made kitchen

Houthavens, Amsterdam

A modern kitchen with warm colors and vintage interior elements. This great designed kitchen is very luxurious and is built in in a modern complex in the Houthavens area of Amsterdam. The kitchen is basically a part of the living space in this T formed kitchen-living area. So the challenge was to make a kitchen design that also stands its way in a combined area. This why we chose for a warm green color. The island has a seating and bar area and the exhaust hood is in the form of a lamp. Wave makes very nice designed range hoods. So the modern outlook kitchen has warm elements that give atmosphere in the house. The oak elements on the living room side also give warmth to the space. They are oiled in a light color from monocoat.

A special feature in this kitchen design is that the cooking and sink area are both in the island. This means that the host and the cook are always facing the audience, ie the guests. In a space like this a very social solution. So the backwall has a worktop pure as prep area. Here we included a shelve for decorative elements. The countertop is from Silestone in Calacatta. This gives a nice structure and contrast to the nice kitchen space. The side of the kitchen has an open space included to give more connection to the living room as a bookshelve. Sides of the kitchen are often a blunt ending of the designed kitchen so some design thought is required here.