Frequently Asked Questions

1) What does a bespoke kitchen cost?

Good question and not easy to answer. A customized or bespoke kitchen is simply more expensive then a standard kitchen. The result and choices you have in the design make it more worth for your money though. As soon as we receive your ideas and sizes we make a good price offer in a few days. We show the different choices and materials so you have all choices. With a custom made kitchen we do not have any standards we make everything you like and wish for.

2) A custom made kitchen? Is this difficult?

To design you own kitchen is a fun process. It is much easier then people think. If you take the time and have good ideas the process is easy and very transparent and logical. The best thing is that you have influence of the design and the process. We here at MyHouse Amsterdam we manage the process from A till Z. We start with a quotation, after this we start with the outlook and general style in a 3D visual. From that moment we zoom in to technical aspects, planning and logistics and the coordination with third parties. We chose for a personal approach, therefore the process feels easier that a standard kitchen. With a nicer result!

3) What is the delivery time of a bespoke kitchen?

The delivery time has several elements. The design process, the actual production of the kitchen and the installation of the kitchen. After this you need some time for the countertop. The design process depends on the choices and the complexity. You will need minimum two or three weeks. Production time is around 6 weeks and only starts after the design process. The installation is dependent on the size of kitchen. If you calculate yourself 2 months – 2,5 months you should be safe. This is for the whole process!

4) Where do you deliver and install kitchens?

A bespoke kitchen can be delivered anywhere. We work a lot in Amsterdam, Den Haag and Utrecht but we work in the whole country. Also we deliver abroad, we build kitchens in France and London for example. It is important for us to understand upfront where you want the delivery.

5) Is the offer inclusive installation?

The installation of the bespoke kitchen is always inclusive. It is a specialised job that can only be done by specialised carpenters. We have our own carpenters and we will coordinate the job. It is a complex process and our time takes the time and work very careful. For example they will protect floors in the house and they work very precise.

6) What about the plumber and electrician?

This is an important question. The carpentry and installation is inclusive with our work. The plumbing and electra are not standard inclusive. This has to do with the right insurance. We are carpenters and the kitchen needs to be attached only be certified plumbers and electricians. They have the right papers. Either the client arranges their own plumber and electrician or we coordinate with third external parties. We have a few pre-selected companies that we work with. If you want we manage the whole process. In any case MyHouse make the installation drawings and technical designs that show where all fixtures need to be placed. If we coordinate the third parties you pay the bill directly to that parties and the guarantees are with them.

7) Can I buy appliances myself?

At MyHouse Kitchens we don’t have dependencies with brands or appliance suppliers. The clients can buy their own or we offer, buy and coordinate the delivery. Then we arrange everything and also the delivery. If we make a proposal you get the market prices of the appliance. In either case your guarantee is directly with the brand or supplier.

8) Do you deliver and place countertops?

MyHouse Kitchens delivers beautiful kitchen countertops. We have all sorts like marble, granite, composites and terrazzo. We also deliver and place only the countertop. We have a very professional team that first makes a template and only the we send it to the stonemason. Everything custom made!

9) What materials do you use for the kitchen?

Because we deliver custom made kitchens it is dependent on your wishes, the type of kitchen and your budget. Also here we deliver custom made solutions. We work with solid wood or MDF. We use EGGER for the insides but also plywood if requested. We have all the choices and samples in our showroom and have many nice choices. Also in the finish of your kitchen we have choices, also in special colors and structures from Farrow and Ball and Little Green. Furthermore we also deliver in special marbles or special wood like walnut.

10) How can I make an appointment in the showroom?

You are always welcome in the showroom of MyHouse Kitchens in Amsterdam. Our opening times are from Monday – Friday 10:00-18:00. We are based in Amsterdam next to the center.Tram 3 stops in front of the door but parking is very easy as well. It is best to make an appointment upfront so we can take all the time you need. We chose to have a smaller studio where we can show all the samples and can easily sit, enjoy a coffee and talk. Don’t expect a huge showroom with all models lined up: in the end it is all custom made.