Countertops Amsterdam – marble granite stone kitchen tops

Countertops Amsterdam  – marbleengineered, terrazzo, granite kitchen tops

Kitchen top or countertop in Amsterdam? If you are looking for a great service to place or replace your stone countertop or splashback please contact MyHouse Amsterdam; the specialist in countertops. MyHouse is specialised in custom made countertops in natural stones like granite and marble and engineered stones like composites, ceramics like NeoLith, DEKTON and Terrazzo. Besides the intro picture all pictures are placed at the bottom under the text, this makes it easier to read the blog. Let’s start with a small explanation.

Custom made countertops

Our service includes measuring, making templates, AutoCad design and placement of the tops. This means that slanted walls, strange situations, moving lifts are not a problem. MyHouse offers a full service in delivering kitchen tops. The tops are custom made so we can handle any situation.

kitchen countertop Amsterdam

Choices and variety: different brands of countertops

Do we have a showroom? Our showroom and studio had a wide availability in all kinds of countertops. We are not brand related and dependent. We deliver the newest colors in all brands: The main brand names known to you will be SILESTONE, DEKTON, Technistone and Santa Margarita but next to this there are all the natural stones like marbles and granites and not to forget another engineered stone called terrazzo which is not branded.

Most of our clients are surprisingly up to date of the main differences between the stones and brands. We will give you one more summary of all the differences between the different stones. Just to mention that there is no bad choice. Here in MyHouse Amsterdam we sell all kinds, kitchens are living spaces and a bit of life is natural to a kitchen.

NATURAL STONE countertops Amsterdam:Marble and granite

Natural stones are very popular and formed entirely in nature. So the countertops are in stone and are found in nature and formed by natural processes. The most renown types of natural stones are actually granite and marble, although there are a variety of other stone choices. They are called quartzite or soapstone for example.

The beauty of this product is it’s main selling point. Like solid wood you will not find any piece that is exactly the same. It is a natural outlook for a natural product.

What are the advantages or actually disadvantages to choose for natural stones? They are actually a lot more poreus than engineered quartz. Natural stone is naturally porous which means it absorbs a bit more liquids then the harder stones. Before deciding for natural stone for your kitchen, you have to know how to treat (read properly seal and take care of) your natural stone countertops. Sealing should take place initially and later every few years. It could also be affected by acidic spills such as wine and juices. Any spills need to be cleaned up immediately.

From the natural stones marble is the most poreus and is sensitive to stains. If you opt for granite the best treatment is the polished granite. If you matt (in Dutch gezoet) the stone it opens up and will be less colored and more poreus.

Advantages of natural stones are its beauty and its uniqueness. This is not reached by engineered stone countertops. When it is properly sealed and taken care of, natural stone will last for many generations and does not need to be replaced often. Natural stone is a nice investment for your kitchen and home if you want to make your kitchen very beautiful. It is a high maintenance top.

ENGINEERED STONE countertops Amsterdam

Engineered countertops are made from different materials and pressed or heated in extreme circumstances. This in contradiction and opposite to natural stones that are entirely cut out of one piece of rock. The advantage is that many more patterns are possible and could be marketed. Also they have achieved different and better characteristics of the product making them better suitable for usage in your kitchen. In MyHouse Amsterdam we sell and showcase many engineered stones. The main kinds of engineered stones are porcelain, ceramic, QUARTZ and DEKTON.

Quartz engineered tops: in Holland called composite or “composiet”

In Holland and Amsterdam there is a misconception and misunderstanding in the name of the compositie or engineered stone tops. The Dutch word Composiet is what the English and Americans know as Engineered countertops or engineered quartz or also simply called quartz. Engineered quartz stone is not found naturally but it is made from quartz crystals held together with a resin binder. Then pigments and granite pieces are added in order to create a variety of different colors and patterns for your choice to have the most beautiful countertops. All materials are mixed and pressed together under very high pressure.

Engineered quartz has some important advantages that natural stones do actually not offer. First of all it is harder and therefore more durable. This means the material is perfectly suited for high traffic and intensive use kitchens. Those types of countertops will be able to handle your busy lifestyle. It is not easy to chip or scratch those countertops and it way better resistant to stains, acids and liquids. It is also not affected by typical household cleaner stuff. Engineered stone resists a higher pH balance and is not influencd by acidic materials like natural stone is. Those factors make it easier to use quartz or engineered (or is it composite) stone countertops. Composite or engineered stones are low maintenance.

The main brands we offer in engineered or composiet are Silestone, Santa Margarita or Technistone.

PORCELAIN countertops Amsterdam – In Holland called Ceramic or Keramiek.

Another form of engineered stones also holds a language trick. In English the tops are called porcelain countertops, in Holland they are called ceramic or keramiek countertops. Porcelain countertops are made from clay, porcelain, pigments and special ceramic resins and binders.  In this sense they are also a kind of engineered countertops. Porcelain countertops are low maintenance, hard and very beautiful and very hygienic. They have beautiful nature-like patterns and can appear very beautiful; the price is high. Also the outlook can appear modern and contemporary as the countertops almost reach a metal like “tough” outlook.

The tops are hard and low maintenance. Normally the countertops are hard and not easy to stain, it is not a poreus material like natural stones. The fact is though, like glass they can break and the porcelain tops are also affected by agressive acidic fluids like juice or alcoholic beverages. Their main quality is that the tops are extremely heat and scratch resistant.

NEOLITH countertops Amsterdam – superior ceramic porcelain countertops

MyHouse Amsterdam wants to highlight a special and superior brand that is related to the porcelain ceramic tops. Under their own label Neolith has developed a great technology and their own components. The quality difference is fantastic and mainly they are just better because of their own developed techniques and great choice in outlook.

NeoLith has the following components that can be categorised into three groups:

1 – Minerals from quartz. They give the hardness of the materials.

2- Minerals from glass and silica. They cause the chemical balance.

3- Natural oxides. They give the color effect.

The specially developed technology is mainly consisting out if two elements: it is called sintering. The first step is the pressing of the composed materials under extreme pressure: 400 bar. Then the whole plates are going in an oven that heats to 1200 degrees. This makes the ultra compact surface with the through-and-through dessin.

Advantages are the hard surface and heat resistance.

DEKTON Countertops Amsterdam – a mix of porcelain and QUARTZ

A special kind of an engineered countertop is developed by Cosentino, the mothercompany of Silestone. The stone they have developed is a combination of porcelain, glass, quartz stone particles and the usual pigments and binders. Cosentino here claims that with DEKTON they have produced the best, most compact and hardest material existing. Besides is should be the lowest in maintenance of any kitchen countertop. The technique they are using is called Particle Sintering Technology. This is a special pressing method. Cosentino has actually handed out test kits to the dealers to proof their case. The stones and countertop are especially stain, heat and scratch resistant resulting in the fact that potentially you could cook directly on the stone itself.

MyHouse Amsterdam has installed several DEKTON kitchen tops. Untill now the experiences are very well and the stone proofs its marketing and it is truly amazing.

Other countertops

Of course this is not the end of the story. In next BLOGS we will enter the world of alternative solutions: concrete, terrazzo, stainless steel, beton ciré or wood. What are the advantages here and the disadvantages.

Other applications: bathrooms and cabinets

This blogs talk and informs you about kitchen tops. Of course our stone have many other applications. Our tops are also used in bathrooms, as a sink or as parts of a cabinets.

What does it mean for you?

MyHouse Amsterdam has now shown that there is a lot of choice in countertops. We see that our clients almost get confused with the choices. Therefore we start to ask you to tell us the whole story. What is important for you: price or natural outlook, maintenance or style? Therefore we want to first know who you are and how you live. Only after knowing you we can give advice. Much depends on what you like, your house and how is your lifestyle. Follow your feeling. There is a lot of marketing around countertops and we advice our clients to rank their level of importance to each component. The components could be price, outlook, fashion, maintenance and general quality. Based on those factors we are not brand dependent and simply show you the best and most beautiful stones that fit your life.

Come and see us!

Why don’t you take a chance and come and visit us. We are based in the center and we have all stones available to show you.


All pictures are stones placed and delivered by MyHouse Amsterdam.


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